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    Regarding the change of start and end time of World VS

    Thank you for playing AVABEL ONLINE.

    From 5/28/2017, the start and end time of the World VS will be changed.
    -Start Time
    Sunday 15:00 (GMT)  Monday 03:00 (GMT)

    -End Time
    Sunday 14:59 (GMT) ⇒ Monday 02:59 (GMT)

    Also, in accordance with the change of the end time, the reward distribution time will be changed as below.
    Before: Distributed on Sunday, around 15:00 (GMT)
    After: Distributed on Monday, around 15:00 (GMT)

    You can join the World VS from the "World VS Reception NPC" in each Base!
    Please continue to enjoy World VS!
    AVABEL ONLINE Operation Team